Jazz and World Music

A Custom Jazz Band - Our Unique Concept

Fresh Jazz Agency is specialized in custom Jazz and World Music bands for both private and business events. We have a number of top quality professional musicians (all are music conservatoire graduates) who add the extra touch making your event a guaranteed success. They are stylish and refreshing and with a personal touch we guarantee professional service. 

Fulvia di Domenico jazz band

We are different. We offer you a unique concept. Instead of offering specific acts, you choose one of the FJA artists who represents his or her own jazz style and we let you decide what kind of setting you want: a solo, duo, trio, quartet or quintet band which is perfectly suitable to your event. Our artists are from across the world. Their cultural and musical backgrounds make them sound unique and different. We have already put some common and popular settings for you on the artist page, but if you have special requests or maybe you're looking for a jazz DJ, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Why Hire a Jazz Band from Fresh Jazz Agency?

  • Only experienced and highly skilled professionals from the national and international Jazz and World music scene.
  • Flexible artists when it comes to your needs: volume and repertoire are adjusted to your requirements.
  •  Extended network of musicians: there is always a replacement jazz band.
  •  Using the offer form is the simplest way to enquire: we react on the same day!
  •  Personal touch: we are always happy to offer you expert advice concerning your custom jazz  band.
  •  Extended choice of instruments: guitar, voice, piano, (double) bass, drums, percussion,  saxophone, clarinet, cavaquinho, flute, bandoneon.

Where Do Our Jazz Bands Play?

Our jazz bands mainly play throughout the Netherlands but are also very happy gigging abroad in countries like Belgium, Germany, France and the UK.